Jon Danforth

Folk-Rocker Jon Danforth Scrutinizes Social Media’s “Novelty” (premiere)

Dallas folk-rocker Jon Danforth drops a danceable, sing-along tune about social media. “Novelty” is the lead single from his second album, Repetitions.

Jon Danforth eschews predictability again with the jangly folk-rock of “Novelty”. The debut single from his forthcoming LP, Repetitions, gets you off of your feet with its clinking guitar and driving percussion. It’s a dance-worthy indie track with a singable jingle of a chorus, all brought together by Danforth’s throaty intonation. The Dallas songwriter brings out his inner frontman on the tune, walking notably off the beaten folkie’s path for this first single.

Danforth notes that “Novelty” is a song about social media. He tells PopMatters, “I wanted more fun songs on this album, and this song is one of those. The song is about social media and how people will do anything and everything on it to get attention.”

“On the one hand, it’s kind of a sad phenomenon, I’m sure our ancestors judge us from the grave, but on the other hand, this is a big part of how the game is played these days. If you are passionate about your music, art, or whatever, and your goal is to bring attention to it, then technically, the strategy has worked for some, so you can’t blame them and us for trying. Social media is a weird game; sometimes I want to delete all the apps, but then it’s a great way to connect with people and get your music out there, so I stick around… for now.”

He continues, saying, “I think it fits on the album nicely, although it does have a slightly stronger jangly, sing-songy flavor than most of the other songs. My favorite albums tend to be the ones that capture a wide variety of moods and vibes across the songs, and that is something that I try to do on my albums as well. It seems like playing the same type of song over and over would get boring. I love releasing this one first, as it gets things started with a little bit of pep and fun. However, for anyone who is concerned about the lack of seriousness, don’t worry, I’ve got slow and sad songs on the album too.”

Due for release this autumn, Repetitions promises a variety of moods and stylings that offer a broad encapsulation of where Danforth is today.

“The road has been good. I am happy with the records I’ve put out since then, and I am playing shows here and there in Texas when I can. My goals with music are pretty similar in terms of style and scope of topics addressed in my songwriting, but hopefully, I have grown and am making better music overall. I like to think that I am better at translating what I hear in my head when I’m writing a song into the actual recording of the song. I also think I am more open to taking risks and having more fun when it comes to creating music.”