Jon McLaughlin – “Don’t Mess With My Girl” (audio) (premiere)

McLaughlin turns on the charm on this loveable new track.

Indiana singer-songwriter Jon McLaughlin is set to release his sixth album Like Us on 9 October. However, his pop music is so endearing it’s hard for some to wait that long, so he’s made available one more track to preview from the record to whet fans’ appetites. Cut from the same cloth as 1990s Ben Folds, the piano-driven “Don’t Mess With My Girl” combines wry humor with McLaughlin’s trademark charm and graceful hooks.

“‘Don’t Mess With My Girl’ is kind of a ridiculous song,” he says. “I mean, it comes from a true place — every guy has a reoccurring image of himself heroically saving his girl and beating up the bad guys — but it felt right to temper it with as much dry self-deprecating humor as I could. For the record though, I actually weigh 160 pounds and I don’t really wear turtlenecks all the time.”