Jonatha Brooke Is the "Imposter" in Her New Single (premiere)

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Inspired by a creeping thought that artfulness is for naught, folk-rock artist Jonatha Brooke is the emperor with no clothes in the titular single from off of her new EP, Imposter.

Jonatha Brooke has been innovating the folk-rock scene with her sprightly songwriting since the late 1980s. Come 19 April, she's doing it again with the impending release of a brand new EP entitled Imposter. Today, Brooke is partnering with PopMatters for an exclusive premiere of the EP's title track. Taking a slice from out of gypsy swing, anti-folk, and shimmering pop and tossing them into a blender, Brooke leaves a lasting impression with an immeasurable hook and a swirl of accordion and strings. As always, Brooke's infectious energy and natural ability to write choral earworms steals the day, producing a track that proudly and justifiably stands as the EP's titular contribution.

Brooke tells PopMatters, "'Imposter' is a cinematic little pop song. Anyone who struggles with creative doldrums knows that creepy nagging thought that it's all for naught, that you're an imposter and will be found out. I just took it to the metaphorical extreme and cast myself as the emperor with no clothes, parading through the town square. (Hence the album cover.) I've had a blast creating these little stories and fleshing them out for this EP. And I think the arrangements (by Adi Yeshaya) perfectly capture the whimsy and complexity in my writing. It's a powerful feeling to still be doing what I love, refusing to repeat myself, making my way in the way I choose."

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