Josh Radnor
Photo: Ella Hovsepian / Courtesy of Clarion Call Media

Josh Radnor Reveals Full Promise With “You Feel New” (premiere)

After the success of his collaborative effort with Ben Lee as Radnor & Lee, Josh Radnor preps debut an EP filled with catchy, observational songs, such as “You Feel New”.

One More Then I’ll Let You Go, the solo debut EP from singer-songwriter Josh Radnor arrives on 16 April via Flower Moon Records and digital formats. One half of the indie-folk duo Radnor & Lee with Ben Lee and known for his work as an actor and director (How I Met Your Mother, Liberal Arts, Hunters), Radnor swiftly demonstrates his considerable talents as a songsmith across the five songs on One More Then I’ll Let You Go.

Recorded over a year-and-a-half and produced by Ryan Dilmore, the EP features the new single “You Feel New”. A deliciously jangling dose of observational acoustic pop, it demonstrates Radnor’s powers as a keen observer of human nature and knack for re-creating the ache and promise of love, whether brand-new or just feeling that way.

He says, “When I started playing guitar four years ago, songs exploded out of me. In addition to the ones I was writing with Ben [Lee], I was writing a few songs a week on my own. I asked Ryan to produce a record for me, and he came over one afternoon to hear what I had written. It was an unreasonably long list of songs. At some point, I sensed him needing to leave, and I said, ‘One more, then I’ll let you go.’ He immediately said, ‘There’s your album title!’ We recorded between 15 and 17 songs over about a year a half since I was navigating my other careers through all this, as well as writing and recording with Radnor & Lee. These were the five songs we both felt really great about.”

One More Then I’ll Let You Go is available as a limited edition, signed 12” clear vinyl via Flower Moon Records.

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