Joy Ike Reminds Us of the Power of Perserverance with "Hold On" (premiere)

Photo: Doerthe Externest / Courtesy of the artist

Joy Ike's latest single "Hold On" now has a music video that serves as an inspiriting reminder of better days ahead.

Joy Ike's message has always been one of hope. When PopMatters premiered a previous track, "Ever Stay", earlier this year, it was with the notion that we are never truly alone. Following the release of her latest album, Bigger Than Your Box, Ike has partnered with director Andrew Whitlatch to produce a music video for her newest single from off of the LP, "Hold On". The singer-songwriter had previously stated that Bigger Than Your Box is about "dreaming beyond what you can actually see". This inspired addition to her ever-building portfolio surrounding the album certainly affirms that, six months after its release, this much is still true.

Driven forward by a poignant piano performance, the song once again proves Ike's knack for bending the rules of genre influences. Building into an inspired crescendo, Ike and Whitlatch elevate the passion so tangible in her musical performance through the plotlines presented throughout the video all branching into the same infectiously encouraging end. Inspired by Ike's sister's years-long battle with persistent health problems, it's the very same tune from which the entirety of Bigger Than Your Box began to flourish. We are all bigger than the boxes we might believe we are kept in, or that society might deem for us. All at once offering a shoulder to lean on and a fist to raise, Ike's anthem serves the album well as the electrifying audiovisual spectacle at its center.

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