Julia Kent - "Flag of No Country" (video) (premiere)

The cellist goes to Italy in her powerful, elegiac new video.

Last month avant-garde cellist Julia Kent released her excellent, PopMatters-approved new album Asperities, and she now has put out a beautifully shot video for the mournful track "Flag of No Country", which was directed by Enrico Salmasi.

"Enrico and I filmed the exterior scenes in the video on 13 November 2015 in the Parco della Rimembranza in Torino, in beautiful elegiac autumn light," she says. "The park commemorates the FIrst World War: it's filled with the names of the dead. We were talking, in between takes, about the inevitability of violence, and its cycles....and how the only way to combat it is to try to make something beautiful of life. And then, later, of course, there was the terrible news from Paris, and we remembered the conversation."

Catch Kent's next show this Saturday in Brooklyn at the Owl Music Parlour.

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