"Changeling Part II" Is the Next Installment in Juliet Quick's Alt-Folk Adventure (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Brooklyn-based virtuoso Juliet Quick emphasizes naturalism in the second part of her ongoing alt-folk tale.

Juliet Quick is a naturalist. Intent on highlighting elements of the Hudson Valley in weaving her tale of the "Changeling", the Brooklyn-based alt-folk artist is every bit focused on relating folklore to reality as she is invoking the natural world into her work. That could not be any more clear than in her composition's second movement, "Changeling Part II". It is a delicately-arranged soundscape that fully envelopes its listeners in the natural world, with Quick's vocals dancing gracefully throughout the track with a lilting coo as she highlights flora and fauna of the valley she knows and loves.

Quick tells PopMatters, "This is the second part of the 'Changeling' cycle and the piece with the greatest emphasis on naturalism. It's the lushest, softest section and it really gets into the details of the landscape that the songs are concerned with—the river features most presently here and every specific plant or animal mentioned is native to the Hudson Valley."

"Changeling Part II", with its dreamlike embrace, will feature on Quick's upcoming Changeling EP. The EP is set for release on 6 April.

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