Justice, Blitzen Trapper, Virginia Roots


† Medley [MP3]


D.A.N.C.E. [MP3]


Spank Rock vs. Justice

Thunderous Bumps [MP3]


“As the mainstream dance artists of yesteryear become more and more involved with making “important” music, the throne of Dance Floor Dominance lies wide open (with Justice and Simian Mobile Disco both making triumphant runs for the crown). In the end, Justice has the stronger record over Simian Mobile Disco, but such a statement is dangerously close to splitting hairs: both albums are fantastic, but their individual achievements are undermined by what these artists are representing: a complete overhaul of modern dance music that’s taking Big Beat back to its roots.” — Evan Sawdey, PopMatters review [8/10]

Blitzen Trapper

Sci-Fi Kid (Principal Participant ‘Kingswood’ Remix) [MP3]


Country Caravan (live at KVRX) [MP3]


“Blitzen Trapper, you romance my senses. Your mélange of homespun ballads and raucous anthems amuses and delights. It is as though you’ve written the soundtrack to some vivid western picaresque. We traipse merrily from snowboarding exhibition to drug-induced hallucination. Here, an excursion with a brash country maiden. There, a slow wagon-ride to Paw Trapper’s lodge. What joyful adventures! Though I may not understand you, I pay homage to your musical wit. Good show.” — Tyler Womack, PopMatters review [7/10]

The Stanley Brothers

Rabbit in a Log [MP3]


Dock Boggs

Down South Blues [MP3]


Smithsonian Folkways Recordings has released Virginia Roots as a digital-only compilation in conjunction with the 41st annual Smithsonian Folklife Festival. The compilation highlights artists from Virginia this year as it’s the 400th anniversary of Jamestown, Virginia settlement. Watch for an upcoming review of this intruiging collection by Justin Cober-Lake on PopMatters very soon. In the meantime, check out the classic bluegrass of the Stanley Brothers. Buy at: URGE or Zune.


The Summer Song” (feat. Claire L. Evans) [MP3]


It’s Coming to Get You” (Eats Tapes Remix) [MP3]