Photo: Julianna Photography / Courtesy of Big Hassle Media

Kainalu Looks on the Bright Side with “Intuitions / Inhibitions” (premiere)

Kainalu’s warm style of simmering psychedelic yacht-funk powers “Intuitions / Inhibitions” with its nourishing blend of style and substance.

His sophomore album may be coming out in fall, but don’t say “summer is over” to Trent Prall of Madison, Wisconsin. Producing, writing, engineering, and performing under the name of Kainalu, his warm style of simmering psychedelic yacht-funk has been known to peel back the clouds, and reveal invigorating brightness.

Informed by his Japanese-Hawaiian heritage and the inner peace of Buddhism, Prall’s second Kainalu album, Gensing Hourglass, is due out on 4th November. As the days start to get noticeably shorter, those already dreading seasonal affectiveness disorder are getting a treat early thanks to the unveiling of his latest single, “Intuitions / Inhibitions”.

Continuing the story from “Queen of Wands”, this laid-back jam features vocals from MUNYA. Born in Quebec as Josie Boivin, MUNYA is a classically trained pianist who dabbled in opera before becoming an indie pop singer-songwriter. She’s worked with Kainalu for years, but you might not guess they’ve never met in person when you hear their orations blend on “Intuitions / Inhibitions”.

Together, MUNYA’s wistful, elegant tones coo perfectly along with Kainalu’s sighing falsetto, underscoring the track’s beachy, sun-bleached feel. Written with an intention of healing, the lyrics speak of following your gut and overcoming the niggling doubts in the pursuit of love. The music is danceable, yet the story is resonant, a nourishing blend of style and substance.

Have a listen or watch the lyric video below, and take it breezy.