Kaiser Chiefs – “Hole in My Soul” (Singles Going Steady)

Cheer up, Kaiser Chiefs! Melancholy and radio-ready, "Hole in My Soul" has a catchy chorus, but doesn't say anything new, lyrically or melodically.

Andrew Paschal: Kaiser Chiefs just wanna have fun, but unlike Cyndi Lauper, they aren’t so much restlessly rattling against their own cages and constraints here: instead, if there’s anything the band wants you to know from their latest single and music video, it’s that they really are having quite a good time, with very few clouds on the horizon (this despite the macabre song title). While the impulse to craft a feel-good anthem is an understandable one, it’s a risky endeavor, as the final product has to be pretty damn infectious and genuine in order to be successful. “Hole in My Soul” is a bit too flat and one-dimensional to clear this high bar. [4/10]

Chris Ingalls: Like their previous single, “Parachute”, the Kaiser Chiefs have moved on from the more brash Britpop of earlier albums to something more generic and straightforward. Fortunately, “Holy in My Soul” is a little better than its predecessor — there’s a bit more depth and sophistication this time around — but it’s still lighter, airier, and less significant than their older albums. [6/10]

Adriane Pontecorvo: Cheer up, Kaiser Chiefs! Melancholy and radio-ready, “Hole in My Soul” has a catchy chorus, but doesn’t say anything new, lyrically or melodically. It’s safe, easy, and dull; a video that just shows half a dozen cars driving in circles on an empty track is very fitting. [4/10]

Paul Carr: This song tries far too hard to be modern and relevant. It’s the musical equivalent of your dad appearing at your 18th birthday party in YOUR clothes. What’s worse is that by trying to sound current they throw just about every sound you can imagine into the mix. It’s an absolute mess and there are some noises on here that actually make me want to put my hand in a toaster. The song reaches its nadir with the shout-along chorus that you can imagine a lonely group of drunken lads singing together at five to two in the morning. Long after the cool people have called it a night. [3/10]

Landon MacDonald: Has everyone else been waiting nine years for them to write a song as good as Ruby? They did, but its not this one. It’s the final and ignored track on their third record Off With Their Heads, and it’s called “Remember You’re a Girl”. That song displayed restraint and instinct. This song sounds like paint by numbers Chris Martin. [4/10]

Michael Pementel: I’m sure there’s an audience for this, after the first verse and first round of chorus you already know what you are in for: radio rock-pop with rainbow picks and keys that flourish at that chorus like fireworks (the kind of formula we’ve come to be far too aware of). [2/10]

William Sutton: The Kaiser Chiefs return with another single ahead of their sixth album. Their sound has been evolving slowly over the past few years and on “Hole in My Soul” it starts moving towards dance tinged pop that has more in common with Take That than any indie rock band. Whilst you should never resent a band for looking for a new direction, the song itself just isn’t that good. The vocals sound overproduced and lyrically it lacks the humour and quirkiness that set them apart in the first place. And whilst the band look like they are having fun on the video, it adds nothing to the track. [4/10]

Scott Zuppardo: This is the definition of selling out folks. “Ruby” was a killer rock song with the band chugging along on actual instruments, this is a song the the boys in FUN. would pass on. The only thing worse than this song is the video. [1/10]

SCORE: 3.50