Kalyn Fay Looks Back on Growing Pains in "Come Around" (premiere)

Photo: Justin Rucker / Courtesy of Devious Planet

Ahead of the release of Good Company, Americana singer-songwriter Kalyn Fay encapsulates listeners in the earthen, reflective atmosphere of "Come Around".

Kalyn Fay's forthcoming album, Good Company, operates somewhere on the middle-ground between the folk, rock, and country that reflect the sounds of her Oklahoma home. Complete with lap and pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars, piano, accordion, and more, each of the 11 tracks present on the LP represents another side of the Cherokee singer-songwriter's feelings towards her state. Throughout the Americana of Good Company, Fay examines the values, people, and land of which Oklahoma is comprised, as well as her ruminations towards it and how other facets of her life have come to play through it.

"Come Around" is the album's latest single, the music video for which Fay is premiering exclusively on PopMatters. With some reverb, Fay and company do wonders to establish an earthen atmosphere upfront, giving ample space for the songstress' warm vocals to emanate. On the song, she tells us, "'Come Around' was written about the inevitable growing pains one has in their early 20s, the questioning of choices and life, but knowing you'll eventually come out the other side. It's one of my favorite songs off the record, with a sultry pop-influence created live in the studio with Paddy Ryan, Bo Hallford, Cooper Waugh, and Jesse Aycock."

Good Company is set for a 15 February release via Horton.

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