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Kanye West, Ani DiFranco, The Last Shadow Puppets...

Kanye West

Love Lockdown [Video]

Ani DiFranco

Emancipated Minor [MP3] (from Red Letter Year releasing 30 September)


The Last Shadow Puppets

My Mistakes Were Made For You [Video]


Animal in Every Corner (Version) [MP3] (from from Trying Hartz (First Fruits '94-'04) releasing 4 November)


The Lexie Mountain Boys

Sweet Potato Sugar Tot [MP3]


Karl Blau

Mockingbird Diet [MP3] (from Nature's Got Away releasing 23 September)


F*cked Up

Twice Born [MP3] (from The Chemistry Of Common Life releasing 7 October)



Reincarnation Blues [MP3] (from Doomsdayer’s Holiday releasing 7 October)


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