Karine Polwart with Pippa Murphy - "All on a Summer's Evening" (video) (premiere)

Photo: Suzanne Heffron

Award-winning folk artist Karine Polwart showcases humankind's innate link to the natural world in her spellbinding new music video.

One of the breakthrough folk artists of our time, Karine Polwart's work is often related to the innate connection that humanity has to the natural world. Her latest album, A Pocket of Wind Resistance, is largely reliant on these themes, having come about after Polwart observed the nature of a pink-footed geese migration and how it could be related to humankind's intrinsic dependency on one another.

Collaborating with sound designer Pippa Murphy, the duo prove to be inimitable. The meditative storytelling of "All on a Summer's Evening" is greatly indicative of this, seamlessly weaving sounds of nature into a spellbinding, vocal-centric window showcasing our connate connection to the uplands.

Polwart herself says of the track, "A Pocket of Wind Resistance is rooted in the ecology and history of my local heather moor by Fala Flow, Midlothian south of Edinburgh. 'All on a Summer's Evening' rests upon the traditional song 'Skippin Barfit Through the Heather', which I learned from Alison McMorland (barfit means barefoot). It's an introduction to the wide magical space of the moor, and to the story of a local couple, Will and Roberta Sime, which threads through the album."

Video director Marry Waterson says, "When I first heard this very beautiful song from Karine, the line 'skipping barefoot through the heather' settled itself in my mind's eye. I hoped to reflect back the evening sun, its magical intimacy, flora, and fauna."

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