Photo: Joshua Cobos

Kat Myers and the Buzzards – “Reluctant Love” (video) (premiere)

In their latest music video, the rising L.A. Americana band yearn for the return of meaningful relationships in a distracted world.

It’s been a whirlwind past few years for Kat Myers. Just five years ago, you could’ve thought that the Buzzards’ frontwoman was living the dream between a steady job, steady relationship, and a steady place to live out amongst the throngs of New York City. Yet, she just wasn’t happy.

Rather than stick around, she “realized that you don’t have to do what your parents think you should do; that there are other paths”, took a transformative trip to Southeast Asia after leaving her past behind, and wound up in Los Angeles. Now, she’s a full-time musician following her dreams, right at the precipice of releasing a debut album.

Ahead of the upcoming EP,
Kat Myers & the Buzzards are releasing a music video for their single, “Reluctant Love”. The rolling Americana tune is driven forward by Myers’ soulful alto, carrying the song with a particular vocal yearning for the greater sense of awareness in the modern world that it’s lyrically centered around.

The video, directed by Thomas Smith, keeps the selling point of the song going as it follows an individual’s struggles — and eventual success — at finding a meaningful connection in a wired world full of distraction.

“I feel that nowadays, people have a much harder time committing to things than they once did. Whether it be a relationship or just meeting a friend for coffee,” says Kat Myers. “People seem to be more self-involved than ever and many times prefer the company of their phone and computer over a human being. The song isn’t necessarily about love, it’s about all types of relationships and being present.

“When we were planning the video, I had the idea of the camera following around a quirky person who was seeking human connection in a distracted world. Our awesome director Thomas Smith wanted to involve movement and a car, so we figured that a rideshare driver would be perfect. We had so much fun making this video, and our friend and lead Paul Schackman really killed it.

“I wrote the lyrics for the song a while back but shelved it. When Elliott came up with the drum beat and melody, it all started to come together, but we didn’t think the other guys were going to like it. We showed it to them on a whim, and they surprisingly liked it a lot. So, the song was born and put into rotation, and we knew it would have a place on the EP.”