Photo: Emilia Pare / Courtesy of Fanatic Promotion

Kathleen Grace and Larry Goldings Team for Wonderfully Sparse “Where Or When” (premiere)

Kathleen Grace and Larry Goldings' "Where Or When" is a wonderfully understated performance that walks the line between pop and jazz.

Tie Me to You is the latest album by Kathleen Grace. Inspired by deep personal change, the record also finds her collaborating with legendary pianist Larry Goldings (James Taylor, Norah Jones). On “Where Or When”, Goldings’ keyboard figures provide an unobtrusive companion to Grace’s wonderfully understated vocal performance. In a world of overstuffed compositions and performances, this is a wonderfully restrained and sparse moment.

Grace says, “A lot of people hear this track and think is a pre-made electronic loop or beat, but all this music was tracked in real-time. We thought a live video of a single take would be fun to share and show how it all works: Me singing live, Larry playing both an electronic Pocket Piano and soloing on a beautiful old Wing upright.

Recorded in a converted carriage house in Silver Lake, California, owned and managed by Sheldon Gomberg, the room provided grace with a sense of comfort. “The smallness of the space is intimate and safe, which leaves a lot of room to feel free,” she notes. (Gomberg’s studio has also welcomed Jackson Browne, Rickie Lee Jones, and Ben Harper.)

Grace’s Tie Me to You releases 17 April via Monsoon Records.