Katie Rose's "Beginnings" Is a Reminder That Nobody is Alone (premiere)

Photo: Paul Chelmis

"Beginnings" is pop singer-songwriter Katie Rose's homage to a friend who took their life and a warm reminder that nobody is alone in struggling with mental health.

Katie Rose began writing and performing music in 2010, at the age of 12. One year later, she played her first live show and has been inspiring hope within listeners with her soulful songwriting since. To a point, Rose establishes herself as in the same vein of passionate singer-songwriters like Sara Bareilles and Billy Joel, performing gospel-tinged pop melodies with an infectious zeal throughout her new single, "Beginnings". It's a homage to a friend who took their life, wherein Rose ultimately sheds light unto a dark situation, finding new signs of a hopeful future.

On the song, Rose tells PopMatters, "'Beginnings' is everything I wish was said to me when I was struggling at my lowest with mental health. Although we look at anxiety attacks and depressive episodes as a roadblock and a dark hole, there is always a chance to come out on the other side and start a new day. Nobody is alone in struggling with mental health, and that's what the song is all about. Starting at the beginning with strength by your side."

"Beginnings" releases on 28 June.

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