Katy B - "I Wanna Be" (Singles Going Steady)

Katy B's "I Wanna Be" is one of the reasons why pop music is considered by many to be generic and bland.

Pryor Stroud: With an iridescent synthpop sound that conjoins '80s sonic excess with contemporary electronica's atmospheric moodiness, Katy B's "I Wanna Be" is far from any musical vanguard, but its keen pop sensibility makes it largely innocuous and, at times, even danceable. However, Katy B's vocal, what could be the one distinguishing aspect of the track, remains predominantly flat and uniform, leaving the song with a kind of manufactured feel that is hard to shake. [5/10]

Emmanuel Elone: "I Wanna Be" is one of the reasons why pop music is considered by many to be generic and bland. The synths are nothing new, the groove is basic, and the chorus is lackluster. Honestly, the only thing interesting about "I Wanna Be" is Katy B's vocals, but even they become dull when she starts throwing out cliches about "taking you higher" and getting out of the friendzone. Somehow, Katy B has managed to make a song without injecting even one hint of personality or character into it; it's an accomplishment, but one she shouldn't be proud of. [4/10]

Chad Miller: Suffers from slight underproduction throughout. Many times it sounds like the song is leading to a big moment, and then it just kind of underwhelms from there. The melody is pretty good though, and Katy B. is occasionally a magnetic presence. [7/10]

Chris Ingalls: Nicely produced club music, but pretty faceless, unoriginal club music all the same. If you want something instantly forgettable while writhing away on a dance floor, you're in luck. [5/10]

SCORE: 5.25

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