Katy B x KAYTRANADA - "Honey" (Singles Going Steady)

Ah, this makes me miss the Scissor Sisters and want to go shopping while dressed to the nines.

Steve Horowitz: Smooth -- the title “Honey” is a good one for this tasty track. Of course it is honey being poured over a naked lover; so sweet, so sticky. The skin so…. yeah, you know. Sometimes a kiss is just not enough. The passions run hotter. Real life is messier than this, but a little imagination can make real life better. [7/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: Ah, this makes me miss the Scissor Sisters and want to go shopping while dressed to the nines. Seriously, though, I love the vocals. A little too sweet at times and a little too much like she's exhaling smoke at others, but haunting too. I would listen to this every time it came on the radio at 4 a.m., long, long after I was supposed to be home. [7/10]

Timothy Gabriele: This is lush and calming and sweet. The bass hiccups gently against your chest and the synths twinkle like some lingering fairy dust from a more adventurous night passed over. Not everything needs to strive for greatness and maybe a good voice and no wrong moves is something to celebrate now and again. [7/10]

John Garratt: Not that we needed further proof, but the art of seduction resides in the delivery and not the content. Take the time to parse it all apart and you'll see that there's barely a song inside. But if we are to believe all the SoundCloud commenters, vibe is all that matters -- croaky voice, backing vocals that just histrionically repeat the lead, and a melody that exists in the loosest sense of the word. [4/10]

SCORE: 6.25

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