Electronic Artist Kayla Painter Gets Esoteric on “Sacrificial Magic” (premiere)

Electronic producer Kayla Painter shares a video for "Sacrificial Magic", a song inspired by Fijian mythology and folk horror films.

Bristol, England-based electronic artist Kayla Painter released an EP last year entitled Cannibals at Sea. It’s an atmospheric affair, full of eerie sounds and voices that seem to have been gathered from the astral plane. A song particularly rich in this feeling is “Sacrificial Magic”, the esoteric video of which premieres below. Inspired in part by Fijian mythology and in another by folk horror films such as The Wicker Man (the 1975 original, not the insipid 2006 remake) and 2015’s THE VVITCH, the video’s richness and mystery make it look poised for release through the latter’s distributor, A24. There may be no feature-length behind “Sacrificial Magic”, but here’s hoping a full-length is in Painter’s future.