Kaz James Remixes Tall Heights' "The Deep End" (premiere)

Photo: Ashley Graves

Australian producer Kaz James gives the song by the electro-folk outfit a deep house makeover, turning into a guaranteed floor-filler.

Boston based, electro-folk duo Tall Heights are releasing a series of remixes for their song "The Deep End". The track, taken from this year's Pretty Colours For Your Actions , already leaned more heavily towards an electronic, synthpop sound rather than folk and, as such, is perfectly primed for a smooth house makeover from Australian producer Kaz James.

On his remix, James chooses to overhaul the backbone of the track completely by removing the drums and bracing the track with a sturdy, four on the floor kick beat. Gone too is the breezy synth figure of the original, replaced by a simple house synth motif. For all he has removed, James has retained the upbeat, breezy feel of the original but given it a club-ready edge.

Throughout, James adds small, unexpected drops that burst like fireworks, illuminating the song with momentary kaleidoscopic explosions of color. Adding a circling synth figure, light taps of percussion and deep droning notes, James keeps up the momentum throughout, even finding space for the vocals to wash through the mix.

With this remix, James has created the perfect track for those nostalgic for epic beach parties in far-flung places, as the sun goes down, the artificial lights flicker on and the possibilities seem endless.

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