Kendl Winter Defines Stumbler's Business With New LP (premiere)

Photo: Erica Keeling / Courtesy of Luckybird Media

Kendl Winter's latest album Stumbler's Business features rootsy, introspective, atmospheric songs about dealing with life's foibles.

Kendl Winter is an Arkansas native who made her way to Olympia, Washington where she lives on a houseboat and picks at a variety of instruments that include guitar and banjo. Her voice and stark style of songwriting have garnered her comparisons to Karen Dalton, Gillian Welch, and Iris DeMent. Her latest release is Stumbler's Business, a collection of songs issued July 20 via Team Love Records.

Speaking about the album and its enigmatic title Winter says, "Stumbler's business is the business of falling and catching yourself or not. It's about scraping your knees, climbing out of the piles, trying again, knowing that stumbling is part of growing, forgetting, learning again and again. Growing, groaning, happening in all directions, change is also stumbler's business.

It's also about building sandcastles despite the inevitable sea, loving because it's all we can do to be here with each other. Sometimes we knew/know/don't know how to be and then again learning how to be now and again, all of us fighting/finding our own rhythms in the tides. Or trying to learn how to live with ourselves beside each other and, you know, whatever. This is stumbler's business."

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