The Kentucky Gentlemen
Photo: Laura Moll / Courtesy of the Missing Piece Group

The Kentucky Gentlemen Get Down with “Whatever You’re Up For”

The Kentucky Gentlemen’s silky, smooth new country joint “Whatever You’re Up For” offers steamy lyrics about burning up the dance floor.

There has always been a beautiful disconnect between the idyllic lyrics of country music and the realities of contemporary life. While singers croon about riding broncos, ranching, and being free, most listeners live penned in suburban dystopias. That makes a certain amount of sense. Music can provide a pleasant escape from reality. Who wants to dream about mundane existence? Besides, most songs are about L-O-V-E and eros. Silly or not, these tunes offer seductive delights better suited to a scenic countryside.

The 27-year-old twin brothers, the Kentucky Gentlemen (Brandon and Derek Campbell), understand this. Their silky, smooth new joint “Whatever You’re Up For” offers steamy lyrics about burning up the dance floor, slipping a lover’s blue jeans off, and putting a bottle on ice, but the video depicts the duo working on a horse farm. The disconnect highlights what will happen later after the day’s work is done. The two singers suggestively note the pleasures of getting down in contrast to (as the title says) whatever the other is up for. Much of the video was filmed in the Campbells’ hometown of Versailles, Kentucky.

“Whatever You’re Up For” is their recent single, co-produced by songwriter and producer Chris Sligh (Rascal Flatts’ “Here Comes Goodbye”) and Grammy-nominated producer Matt McClure (Lee Brice, Dylan Scott). The band has just completed one tour and hopes to go back on the road soon.