Kerrier District: Kerrier District 2

Kerrier District
Kerrier District 2

Can anyone really keep up with all the Luke Vibert aliases? 2006 saw the release of a Plug EP, a Wagonchrist compilation track, and a two Spac-Hand Luke albums, one of which was a collaboration with yet another Vibert nom de guerre, Amen Andrews (got all that?). All in addition to a new EP from Vibert’s italo disco incarnation Kerrier District. All of these varied projects have an unfortunate side effect: Vibert possesses a distinctive sound whatever he’s doing and by pigeonholing all his projects by genre he tends to unnecessarily narrow the focus of each. Hence these five distinctly similar (if distinctly funky) house confections, each rolling on crisp synth stabs and crisper percussion loops; future sheen, base blurts, and snatches of voice or vocoder. Kerrier District 2 is just that: a newer, perhaps sleeker, Kerrier District, precisely meeting expectations with a conceptual economy as frustratingly ascetic as it is aesthetic.

RATING 5 / 10