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Kevin Gordon Likens Life to Folktales with “Gatling Gun” (premiere)

Kevin Gordon's latest Americana release is far-reaching in its roots, traveling the world, exploring classic folktales, and even heading to space in his subtle yet stunning arrangement of "Gatling Gun".

Although he has long since been embraced by Nashville’s musical community for his songwriting and music, Kevin Gordon’s roots are sewn in Louisiana dirt. His Louisiana isn’t typical, but it’s real, hyphenated by tales and proclamations of experiences he’s had and facts he’s processed. “One of the things I like about it and am mystified by is that what passes for normal in Louisiana would not make the grade elsewhere,” Gordon says of his home state which largely serves as the backdrop for his upcoming album, Tilt & Shine, due out 27 July.

Prior to the album’s release, Gordon is sharing the track “Gatling Gun” with PopMatters. While longing pedal steel and Gordon’s dark wit spread across the song’s verses, it’s clear that this is an Americana release. Yet, its roots are far-reaching, traveling the world, exploring classic folktales, and even heading to space with its subtly ebullient atmosphere that Gordon evokes through its overall composition.

On “Gatling Gun”, Gordon tells PopMatters, “The right (or wrong) memory can make an emotional sot out of anyone. I’d had those opening lines for a long time, and liked the folk-tale-like language/imagery—so I went with that in mind with all the verses, including John Henry and a snippet of a Native American trickster story in there, all over dark minor chords. Which suited me just fine since the chorus is so “pretty” in a way, like too much cotton-candy in your teeth—so sweet it hurts. I’m captivated by the power of strong memories—those films that run continuously in your mind if you let ’em .”

Along with Shannon McNally and Ben de la Cour, Gordon will be celebrating the release of Tilt & Shine this Friday at City Winery in Nashville.