Kevin Morby – “I Have Been to the Mountain” (Singles Going Steady)

Nice vocal harmonies and brass accents do a lot to add to "I Have Been to the Mountain's" atmosphere.

Magdalen Jenne: The most basic song, but a handful of smart production and arrangement choices elevate it from dull to really likable. The horns are an especially nice touch, and lend the track a swampy kind of southern gothic edge. Can’t do anything to cut back on the cheese factor on the video, though. [6/10]

Emmanuel Elone: There wasn’t much to dislike on this. Loved the lyrics and Kevin Morby’s voice. It’s so rough, provocative and emotive. The instrumentation was phenomenal; the buildup of the rhythmic guitar followed by the catchy bass line and trumpets was stellar. The distorted guitar solo was good as well, but it didn’t live up to the great instrumentation that went before it. Still, I really enjoyed this. [8/10]

Chad Miller: Nice vocal harmonies and brass accents do a lot to add to this piece’s atmosphere. Melody is a little repetitive, but a change in the accompaniment does a lot to fix that right up. [7/10]

Morgan Y. Evans: Dancing underwear guy is cool and more entertaining than the song. Music seemed really Dylan indebted until the Ennio Morricone shit and the funky stuff makes it more interesting. The song overall has an appealing and earnest sense of humanism to it, like laughing at danger. [5/10]

Kevin Morby‘s new album Singing Saw releases April 15th via Dead Oceans.

SCORE: 6.50