Electropop's Kid Nobody Invite You to "Watch the World As It's Ending" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Dustin Giallanza

Former Wildcat! Wildcat! founders re-team as Kid Nobody to deliver hazy, electronic-driven sounds that marry the chill of ambient with the drive of rock 'n' roll.

Kid Nobody's new EP, discretion, arrives on 7 February 2020. The pair, who were founding members of Wildcat! Wildcat!, spent some time apart only to reconnect during a chance meeting in Iceland. Kid Nobody released a series of singles in late 2019 that called upon ambient sounds that proved decidedly driven and well-written, all the while pushing musical boundaries.

"Watch the World As It's Ending" boldly makes a case for Kid Nobody as a formidable presence in the contemporary musical landscape. With eerie, hazy vocals, and mind-bending sonics, the tune walks the fine line between unapologetic pop and experimental music, truly uncompromising yet tuneful and memorable.

Carmichael says, "Have you ever been in love to the point where you wouldn't even be bothered by the world ending? This song is about that. 'Come a little closer, kiss, and watch the world that is ending." Finding enough love in the world that you're not bothered by the hopelessness of it. There is certainly some social/political/environmental commentary to be found, but ultimately, it's about finding love while everything around you is falling apart."

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