Killen Invokes Bowie and Queen on "Terrible Criminal" (premiere)

Photo: Courtney Killen

With feet on the streets of NYC and a mind in the heart of a bygone London, Killen offers a dramatic take on a person of interest.

New York City-based power pop artist Killen releases his Black Sneakers on Concrete on 9 February via Axis Mundi Records. The latest single from the collection is the dramatic and enticing "Terrible Criminal". Informed by the swagger of David Bowie in the Ziggy/Diamond Dogs era as well as the bombast and boldness of Queen (and sure, Alice Cooper at his best), the singer-songwriter proves himself more than a throwback to a golden era but instead an artist leading us forward into something magical, deeply rock 'n' roll.

Working with producer Ayad Al Adhamy (ex-Passion pit), Killen captures the power of his much-discussed live performances, avoiding unnecessary sheen in favor of letting the power of his songs speak for themselves. Jack Killen (as he's known to his landlord) previously spent time in the Brooklyn party rock outfit Workout, and one senses that he does indeed like to have a good time all the time as evidenced by the loose and free vibe of the EP.

As for "Terrible Criminal" itself, Killen says, "I envy some criminals for their lack of fear. I have some friends who really don't fear things like jail, cops, social expectations. I have a friend who says, 'What's the worst that can happen I go to jail? I've already been, and I'll whoop your ass in chess.' Because he doesn't fear though, he gets busted all the time. So this song is about a terrible criminal."

Black Sneakers on Concrete, out 9 February, may ordered here.

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