The Killers – “Caution” (Singles Going Steady)

The Killers go for the big hooks and singable anthems on "Caution", but opinion is sharply divided about the song's merits amongst our Singles Going Steady panel.

Steve Horowitz: The Killers go for the big hooks and singable anthems in a big way. This song could have come right out of the ’80s and made heavy rotation on MTV. That’s a compliment in our current age where ambition can be a dirty word in music. “Caution” uplifts as the song celebrates taking risks rather than avoiding them. [8/10]

Mick Jacobs: I am sincerely glad that the Killers sound happy. Everyone needs to find and express joy in what ways they can. That said, happiness is relative to each person. [4/10]

Rich Wilhelm: The thing about being in close quarters during these weird days is that everyone in the house can hear the songs you’re reviewing. That’s why I can report that my wife Donna thinks that the Killers might have used too much “Caution” in the creation of this song. Donna proclaims “meh” to “Caution”. I’m OK with it. It might not be as edgy as previous Killers songs, but it does feature the soaring feel that Killers fans love. [6/10]

Jessica Brant: I suspect fans of the movie Ladybird will like this song and video. An easy, feel-good listen that is consistent with the Killer’s earlier work. [8/10]

Mike Elliott: True anthemic rock ‘n’ roll, Brandon Flowers’ powerful vocal elevates an already vivacious track into the rarified air of instant classics. [9/10]

Scott Zuppardo: I used to categorize this as drivel, but things have gone so far array that I find this song comforting in some strange way. Like a dive back into the seeming normalcy of the late ’90s and early ’00s, or maybe I’m just getting old. [5/10]

SCORE: 6.67

“Caution” appears on the Killers’ upcoming album, Imploding the Mirage, out 29 May.