Kim Edwards - "The Sweetest Sound" (video) (premiere)

The singer-songwriter creates a perfect visual complement to her beautiful new ballad.

Last month singer-songwriter Kim Edwards released her excellent EP Lovers and Loners, and she's just put together a beautifully photographed new video for the track "The Sweetest Sound", which can be seen below.

"'The Sweetest Sound' is one of the most meaningful songs to me from this record," she tells PopMatters. "This particular track took over a year and a half to write, and when you live with a song for that long, it becomes especially meaningful because it reflects not just a moment but an entire season of your life. For me, it was a bit of a rough season, and even writing the final refrain ('The sweetest sound you'll ever hear / Is when walls fall and you love without fear') was more of a hope at the time rather than a triumphant declaration. The heart of the song, though, is that things will get better, and I wanted to echo that concept -- not in a cheesy 'everything's going to be okay' way, but with a quiet kind of hope that is respectful of wherever you may currently be.

"I wanted to carry this idea over into the video as well, and I worked with director Bruce Kite on how to portray it in a subtle yet moving way. The relationship between light and shadow has always inspired me, and it was a gratifying experience to be able to use both as a medium for telling a story."

Lovers and Loners is available on iTunes now.

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