KING Rules Supreme on New Single "Shit Show" (premiere)

Photo: Tajana Tokyo and Alfredo Ramos

Danish R&B singer KING releases a fresh, playful slice of laid back neo-soul full of character as a taster for forthcoming debut EP.

Danish R&B singer KING releases a fresh, playful slice of laid back neo-soul full of character on taster from her forthcoming debut EP.

Opening in sparse fashion with pulsing synth chords and crisp beats, "Shit Show" rides a rolling R&B groove, with KING spitting out lyrical couplets so smooth they could be etched on newly cut glass. Throughout King's razor sharp wit shines through as she nonchalantly drops dazzling tongue in cheek lines that mock her own efforts at trying not to be such a loser sometimes. (something we can all relate to).

KING leaves the biggest surprise for the breakdown as the smooth edges are roughed up by skittish, jungle beats and punctured by old-skool rave synths. It's a thrilling, almost mischievous finale with KING following her instincts, knowing the listener is right behind her.

The video, directed by KING and Tajana Tokyo fits the song perfectly. Full of colourful energy and humour, it's the kind of video that reminds us that the simplest ideas can have the biggest impact. "Shit Show" ably demonstrates what KING is all about. This is what KING does and it won't be long before a lot more people sit up and take notice.

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