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Kingsbury Comes to Terms with Change on "All Gone" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Tell All Your Friends PR

Indie pop artist Kingsbury's music video for her D.I.Y. hit sees her looking back on life with her past selves by her side.

Caroline Kingsbury has been creating music since the age of 12, but she's been performing under her surname for the past year. Since then, her homegrown take on pop innovation has been streamed over a million times on Spotify. Quickly becoming the next indie pop darling, Kingsbury's music is more than just infectiously novel synth beats that slink and slide somewhere between 1980s greats and more contemporary influencers.

Her new single, "All Gone", establishes that as a shimmering, catchy tune that also acts as a potent reflection on Kingsbury'sroad to self-acceptance as she looks back on her life and all of the changes she has undergone along the way. Its sun-washed music video takes its sumptuously vintage light filters a step further by calling back on the song's major overarching theme rather literally as the artist travels down the road with every version of herself she has thus far.

Kingsbury tells PopMatters, "'All Gone' came at a time when I felt like everything in my life was changing. The life I had known had grown foreign and distant, and I was struggling with the divide between who I was and who I had been, feeling like they were two completely different people. This video was an attempt at reconciling that feeling. It allowed me to look at my past selves and shower them with love and understanding, and to confront my anxieties about aging, and accept that it's all an inevitable process."

The music video for "All Gone" was made in association with Nobody's Empire Productions. "All Gone" was released as a single by Little Assembly on 29 June.

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