Klaus Johann Grobe - "Geschichten Aus Erster Hand" (audio/video) (premiere)

Klaus Johann Grobe create groovy Kosmische music that's heavily influenced by West German experimental electronic music.

Klaus Johann Grobe create groovy Kosmische music that's heavily influenced by the experimental electronic music that emerged from West Germany back in the late '60s and early '70s. The sound is metronomic and clean and entirely based on experimental music that has been going on in Europe for a good chunk of the 20th century. In this case, the "grooves" are based on regular patterns of repetition set primarily to the rhythmic tones of the metronome, a device heavily utilized in classical music. This isn't groovy like Dam-Funk, but rather like Kraftwerk.

After Klaus Johann Grobe released their first EP in early 2013, the group took off with many appearances at various European festivals. Now, the group has a new album on tap, Spagat der Liebe, which releases May 6th via Trouble in Mind. Today, we are premiering the audio and video for the band's new single "Geschichten Aus Erster Hand", a hypnotic toe-tapper and head-bouncer created with a simple synthesizer and a real set of drums.


04.26.16 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle

04.27.16 - Springfield, MO @ Outland Ballroom

04.28.16 - Norman, OK @ Opolis

04.29.16 - Austin, TX @ Levitation

05.02.16 - Atlanta, GA @ 529

05.03.16 - Louisville, KY @ Haymarket

05.04.16 - Columbus, OH @ Ace of Cups

05.05.16 - Detroit, MI @ UFO

05.06.16 - Cincinnati, OH @ MOTR Pub

05.07.16 - Milwaukee, WI @ Milwaukee Psych Fest

05.08.16 - Cleveland, OH @ Now That's Class

05.09.16 - Philadelphia, PA @ Kung Fu Necktie

05.10.16 - Boston, MA @ Lilypad

05.11.16 - New York, NY @ Cake Shop

05.12.16 - Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium

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