Klimt 1918 – “It Was to Be” (audio) (premiere)

Hear new track from Italy's Klimt 1918 in advance of the group's new release Sentimentale Jugend.

Klimt 1918’s new dark shoegaze effort Sentimentale Jugend, which can be pre-ordered, arrives on December 2 from Prophecy Productions. We are pleased to premiere the track “It Was to Be” now. The track gives listeners an apt taste of the new release (featuring two separate but deeply compatible parts, Sentimentale and Jugend). The music is alternately sad and celebratory and evidence of Klimt 1918’s ability to summon the spirits of Sigur Rós, the Jesus and Mary Chain and Dead Can Dance while remaining fiercely true to its vision.

Vocalist and guitarist Marco Soellner asks listeners to imagine “a large, empty house with a window overlooking an ancient city. The summer light bathes everything. An afternoon spent watching the horizon, remembering a loved one who is now missing.” The song, he adds, is “dedicated to those who, despite everything, leave room in their heart. It is a song for those who do not. This is music that will help you learn to be alone with yourself.”

With 18 songs in all, Sentimentale Jugend will appeal to a wide range of listeners, but mainly those who wish to traverse between the dark and the light while embracing the best parts of both.