KLLO Present Live Reimaginings of Their Songs in New Buzzsessions (premiere)

Photo: Alan Weedon

Rising electronic duo KLLO team up with the Wild Honey Pie to present captivating live performances of their songs, "Dissolve" and "Nylon".

Those familiar with the Wild Honey Pie will likely know of their ongoing series of Buzzsessions, wherein the music discovery platform invites innovative new artists to their stage for a live performance. Their latest involves KLLO, a rising indie pop duo from Melbourne, Australia consisting of Chloe Kaul and Simon Lam.

KLLO released their debut LP, Backwater, late last year to strong reception, with critics praising the duo's knack for crafting intriguing electronic worlds for them to lay warmly hypnotic vocals across. Their Buzzsessions feels like a natural extension of the craft they're starting to become well-known for. Albeit, given that they're performing in a live space with a variety of organic instruments, a license to recreate also comes with these new takes on their songs, "Dissolve" and "Nylon".

The sparse production of KLLO's live rendition of "Nylon" gives Kaul's gorgeous vocals room to shine. Her soulful disposition feels much more prominent here than with the glacial beauty of its Backwater counterpart. "Dissolve", meanwhile, nearly feels like an entirely different song with Lam taking the vocal cues from Kaul and developing a more innately funky take on their ethereal studio cut.

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