Kodacrome - "Think of the Children" (audio) (premiere)

Veteran Brooklyn duo Kodacrome return with title tune from upcoming full-length. It's as moving and memorable as anything Kodacrome has previously created.

When Elissa LeCoque and Ryan Casey first met in 2010, they were at opposite sides of a nation. LeCoque lived in San Francisco, Casey in Brooklyn. Within a short period, LeCoque traded the Bay Area for the Big Apple and Kodacrome began issues a series of recordings that spotlighted the pair's warm, emotive sounds and penchant for quick-moving, infectious melodies.

With Perla (2012), Aftermaths (2014) and the B-sides and remixes collection After-Aftermaths behind them, the pair arrives with a new collection, Think of the Children, on 10 April. To tide fans over, the pair have issued a single for the title track that promises the new record will be everything we hoped. LeCoque's unmistakable voice rises to new heights on a track that plays upon the axis of deep emotion and solid, rhythmic happiness.

Think of the Children may be ordered here.

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