Kygo x Kiki Rowe - "Got Me Thinkin" (audio) (premiere)

The Canadian artist reworks a recent European hit, with sensational results.

Toronto artist Kiki Rowe has steadily been making a name for herself, even attracting the attention of Drake, and her latest release is a thrilling reworking of the recent tropical house track "Here For You", by Norwegian DJ Kygo featuring UK singer Ella Henderson.

Although "Here For You" was a wonderfully slinky, modest hit across Europe, Rowe's imaginative remix of the song, re-titled "Got Me Thinkin" is something special. The house element is not only maintained but amplified, its beat more pulsating, and Rowe's singing displays more fragility and nuance than Henderson's husky voice. It makes for an exceptional, sumptuous track, a tremendous creative breakthrough by the young artist. This deserves to be huge.

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