Photo: Yanina May Photography / Courtesy of JP Cutler Media

LADAMA’s “Inmigrante” Is a Vivacious Celebration of Immigrants (premiere)

In light of the recent US Supreme Court decision on DACA, Pan-Americana group LADAMA premiere "Inmigrante" to honor immigrants.

LADAMA began as a celebration of the similarities and differences of three women from three countries. Now spanning four members from four countries—Brazil’s Lara Klaus, Colombia’s Daniela Serna, Venezuela’s Mafer Bandola and the United States’ Sara Lucas—LADAMA are a cultural phenomenon and commemoration of Latin roots and music spanning throughout the Americas. The Pan-American groups’ latest release, “Inmigrante”, sets the record straight on the brave immigrants who have made world history all the more vibrant. It’s a progressive anthem bursting with warmth and gratitude, and a brilliant celebration of our immigrants all-around in which the band encourages them to keep their heads held high. In light of the recent Supreme Court decision on DACA, “Inmigrante” is victoriously ushered in right on time.

LADAMA’s Bandola tells PopMatters, “The Immigrant should be able to walk with their face looking at the sun—without penalty—and we must say this out loud. Because the immigrant who walks to other lands to flourish in a new life by creating opportunities makes that land that receives them more productive, greener, and full of life. Let’s celebrate how an ‘immigrant is a brave walker,’ who learns fast and sows hope in the social fabric. An immigrant is a light and an example of that which is possible with so little.”

“Inmigrante” is the latest single from LADAMA’s OYE MUJER, set to release via Six Degrees on 10 July.