Lady Lazarus' "I Recall July" Is a Bittersweet Look Back on Love (premiere)

Photo: Nick Chao / Courtesy of Noisy Ghost PR

Conceptualized, edited, and directed by Lady Lazarus herself, the dream pop artist's new music video for "I Recall July" is a longing reflection on a romance come and gone.

Released last October, Lady Lazarus' Impossible Journey of My Soul Tonight is a culmination of the roads that she's traveled thus far. Melissa Ann Sweat, the woman behind the Lady Lazarus moniker, has been a long-time favorite of PopMatters. We first covered her work in 2011 through a premiere of her "Took in My Diamond Heart". Over the past eight years, Sweat has honed-in on the myriad influences that she's garnered from both early inclinations and through her troubadour-esque travels. Relocating from California to Georgia, back to California, to Texas, and rounding back again to Santa Cruz County, Lady Lazarus' mileage is as steep and as varied as some of her classic songwriting inspirations.

The result, as "I Recall July" attests, is a dreamy pop album that sees Lady Lazarus looking inwardly. The single finds power in vulnerability as Sweat sings to a love that has come and gone, longingly looking back on good times had in bittersweet reflection. Its accompanying music video features cinematography and production design by Cassie Hunter, while the project was conceptualized, edited, and directed by none other than Lady Lazarus herself. The video's direction draws inspiration from 1980s productions and was shot at Sweat's beach condo where she currently lives. She recalls recording the video as "a fun weekend of just us girls and plenty of rosé drinking, but more-so lifting each other up as creative women."

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