Lafawndah - "Town Crier" (Singles Going Steady)

Constantly interesting and musically engaging. Lafawndah is an artist to watch for sure.

Chad Miller: Lafawndah is in complete control of her presence. Just about as much control as she has over her situation. She sounds imbued with power as she sings "You don’t have a name / You don’t have a face" and "I’ll make you fall" over percussion that sounds like sparring weapons. It doesn’t sound angry just for the sake of being angry either as the opening line is "If you were willing to treat me right / I’d stand up by your side / Be down to burn me" which puts the rest of the song in interesting and ambiguous context, adding as much clarity as it removes. Musically the song is continuously exciting as well, particularly when she repeats her phrases in gorgeously jarring harmonies. Constantly interesting and musically engaging. An artist to watch for sure. [9/10]

Chris Pittaway: "Town Crier" swaggers and booms to life with earth-shattering bombast, lent an eccentric edge by Lafawndah's vocals and a weird, ululating blare. The track drips with personality and menace, but needs something a little extra to give it lasting heft once it leaves the speakers. I can imagine this track working better in the context of a full album. [7/10]

Steve Horowitz: What’s here starts and stops for effect to create beat. At times it sounds like one should be marching. That’s a gut vibe not a good vibe. Too dissonant for its own good yet too much in tune to get dirty. Split the difference. [5/10]

Dami Solebo: Continuous beat was very annoying and the vocals didn’t do much for me, especially with the pseudo rap as the song progresses. [4/10]

Jedd Beaudoin: Great vibe, great vocal performance. The song itself? Good enough but not something I’d put in my permanent collection. [5/10]

Lafawndah's Tan releases February 5th via Warp Records.

SCORE: 6.00

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