Lake Jons - "Colors" (video) (premiere)

Psychedelic, progressive, tuneful with just enough sense of mystery, "Colors" marks some new territory for Lake Jons.

Finnish outfit Lake Jons will issue a full-length album via AntiFragile Music in the United States on 19 January 2018. In the meantime, music lovers can enjoy a new video from the outfit for the track "Colors". Psychedelic, progressive, tuneful with just enough sense of mystery, the tune marks some new territory for the group as guitarist Jaska Stenroth notes.

"After our first two EPs we wanted to take our music a little further, bringing together more different kinds of influences to the lo-fi garage sound," he recalls. The trio called upon some longtime friends in the creation of the video. "We tried to bring to life the diverse atmosphere the music gave us," Stenroth adds.

Formed in 2014, the group has been writing songs from the beginning without any significant breaks. "The songs on the album are just the natural continuation of what we've done before," says guitarist and vocalist Jooel Jons. The band (rounded out by drummer Mikka Pennanen) worked on the particular set of songs on the upcoming LP for a year. "They automatically found their sounds in the evolution process", Jons recalls. "With the video, we wanted to go even further. 'Colors' was the first song to find its final form and it gave a spark to try new things with the other material as well. We're constantly trying to define our sounds. If we evolve, it evolves. It's nice to think we are on a journey, kind of like Indiana Jones."

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