Lakker - "Empress" (video) (premiere)

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Lakker's "Empress" is the sound of seeking inner harmony in this increasingly fraught world.

Berlin-based, Irish duo Lakker have a new EP on tap. Eris Harmonia is on a mission, a search for harmony in this increasingly fraught world where the culture wars are raging alongside actual military battles. It's a search for inner peace in uncertain and hateful times. The group selected the album name to represent two opposing goddesses: Eris, the goddess of disorder and strife, and Harmonia, the goddess of harmony.

"Empress" is the mellow track among the EP's heavy, almost industrial-sounding tracks. "Empress" is the sound of seeking inner harmony, its gentle beats slowly adding broad synth brushes. It could almost be a Pantha Du Prince tune, so mesmerizing, seductive and transportive as this music is. Lakker's Eris Harmonia is an intriguing release that delivers more and more on every listen, while the duo gives us a lot to ponder.

Lakker tells PopMatters that they "worked with gold for this video as it ties in with our idea finding a path through, and harmony within, the chaos that currently surrounds us. It's a polarising element that can represent extremes of human experience -- as a symbol of divinity and light, or as a symbol of wealth and inequality. The video was shot by Dara Smith and Eileen Carpio, who played with light, water, and air to create abstract, shifting landscapes."

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