Langhorne Slim - "House of My Soul" (audio) (premiere)

Photo: Harvey Robinson

Langhorne Slim is back with his incomparable folk music that urges people to reconnect with each other in meaningful ways.

Folkie and Americana musician extraordinaire Langhorne Slim returns with a new album, Lost at Last Vol. 1, on 10 November and we're sharing this rollicking hootenanny of a song "House of My Soul" today. Like many other artists in this era lamenting the loss of personal connection and meaningful human exchanges, Langhorne Slim believes we need to rely more on each other and not technology to get through the day. Slim says, "The music on this record is an attempt to rebel against that form of living. To reconnect with ourselves and with each other. It ain't hippie shit in my mind; it's ancient shit. The soul or spirit's apocalypse to me is the loss of natural instinct, compassion and love for ourselves, each other and the universe as a whole."

There's no doubt the world needs more empathy, concern for our fellow man, and a spirit of working together in peace to achieve progress. Folk music has always been a place to address these social concerns through music, and Langhorne Slim is a masterful songwriter in conveying these notions.

Meanwhile on "House of My Soul", Slim focuses on the ever-relatable tale of love at first site. Slim says, "I once met a woman with whom I couldn't find the words in person to say, so I put them in the words of this song. I recorded the song on my phone after writing it (kinda a bunch of times) and sent her my favorite version. After not hearing back for many long and lonely hours, I did what no one in their right mind would do... and sent it again. We can probably most all agree that there's a fine line in life between love, flirtation, romantic connection, and creeping somebody out. A lot of us are tightrope walking that line. There's no shame in that line. I'm not encouraging people to creep each other out or anything but when somebody hits you, and I mean really stops you in your tracks... you gotta go for it. I'd send the song over again in a second. Maybe I already have."

Langhorne Slim's Lost at Last Vol. 1 releases 10 November via Dualtone Records and is available for pre-order now.

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