LARAAJI + Dallas Acid + Arji Oceananda Issue Video for "Evening Reduction" (premiere)

Photo courtesy of Howlin' Wuelf Media

The acclaimed collaboration between pioneering new age artists LARAAJI, Dallas Acid, and Arji Oceananda gets extra boost via appropriately meditative video for "Evening Reduction".

Arrive Without Leaving is the collaborative release from New Age artists Laraaji and Arji OceAnanda with Dallas Acid. The forces joined up in Brooklyn earlier in 2018, creating a six-hour body of work that was then edited by Dallas Acid and mixed by Jeff Ziegler (Mary Lattimore, Kurt Vile, the War on Drugs). The resulting album has received universal acclaim for its soothing and deeply imaginative approach as well as the celebration of the individual and collective genius of its participants.

Now, a new video for the track "Evening Reduction" adds a visual component to the LP's unspeakable beauty. Shot in Sweden in July 2018, the clip was directed by Dallas Acid's Linda Beecroft and edited by bandmate Christian Havins. Each listener and viewer will experience it through their own prism but each is guaranteed to take something deeply personal and positive away from the track.

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