Costa Rica's Las Robertas Celebrate the "Thunder Rider" (premiere)

Photo: Stefanie Schmid Rincon / Courtesy of Action PR

Dreamlike, psychedelic and infectious, the new single from Costa Rica's Las Robertas will make you grab your dancing shoes and head to the desert.

"Thunder Rider" is the latest cut from Las Robertas and is featured on the group's Together Outrageously EP, issued by Rogue Wave Records in the United States and the John Colby Sect in Spain.

The Costa Rican outfit's particularly dreamlike brand of psychedelic music is on display here. Breezy guitar lines, sun-tinted vocals that are as haunted as anything Lee Hazlewood committed to wax, and a groove that'll have you strapping on your go-go boots faster than you can say "shaman". But this isn't a retro trip. Instead, Las Robertas take the music forward, give us something new we can sink our teeth into, and that alone is worth celebrating, no matter the particular deliciousness we can enjoy while listening.

Guitarist/vocalist Mercedes Oller says, "The 'Thunder Rider' video was shot in the desert of Joshua Tree, California by Berlin-based photographer and artist Stefanie Schmid Rincon. When the band made its debut at Coachella, this year, we visited one of California's national parks and shot the video, which is mainly a compilation of images and clips from the beautiful surroundings, experience, and adventures of the stay."

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