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Last Leaves – “The World We Had” (video) (premiere)

Former Lucksmiths return with lovelorn fuzz-pop.

The cherished Australian indie-pop band the Lucksmiths dissolved in 2009, after 16 years of witty, melancholy, melodic songwriting and performing. A couple years after the band’s end, the announcement came that three-fourths of the final lineup had a new band, Last Leaves. Fans have been patiently waiting the past five or so years for music from Last Leaves beyond a couple demos lead singer/songwriter Marty Donald posted online years ago.

The time has come. “The World We Had” is the first single off their upcoming debut album, and it’s a beauty. A romantic weekend is fondly recalled, but can those memories be trusted? What they had is gone, and where did it go? All that’s left is a feeling of loss, tinged with wisps of remembered beauty and tenderness, all wrapped up in loud guitars and harmonies.

Last Leaves’ album Other Towns Than Ours will be released October 13th via Lost and Lonesome (Aus) and Matinée Recordings (USA). Meanwhile, the single “The World We Had” can be streamed and downloaded here: