Canadian Quartet lastli Keeps It In-House For New Video, "i hope you're full from eating my mind up" (premiere)

Jedd Beaudoin
Photo: Kevin Unger / Courtesy of Earshot Media

Complex matters intermingle with soaring choruses and a neo-Americana vibe on lastli's new song.

Based in in St. Catherine's, Ontario, Canada, lastli brings together friends Damian Birdsey, Keegan Beach, Scott Blake and Andrew Beach. Informed by latter-day Americana, of the kind that features stadium ready choruses that lean heavily on the folk tradition but embrace contemporary instrumentation and production techniques, the Canadian outfit delivers a warm, infectious and, yes, humorous track via "i hope you're full from eating my mind up."

The accompanying video, which was shot near Toronto, ably enhances the lyric content, which takes up issues of relationships, quarrels and social trends. Culled from an album set for release in late 2018, the video was directed and produced by Andrew Beach.

"The project illustrates the romanticization of the past, and how consuming those thoughts can be", he says. "We filmed the music video in Keegan's house where the band does most of their writing and recording."

The group will continue to record throughout the summer with sporadic dates planned around southern Ontario in the meantime.

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