Late Night Episode - "Golden Age (Acoustic)" (video) (premiere)

A shimmering pop-rock anthem about keeping on the sunny side, recorded in the streets of NYC.

While many artists are highlighting the doom and gloom surrounding 2017, Late Night Episode are taking the year a bit differently. Their latest single, "Golden Age", is a song that highlights the more positive aspects of the year.

"I had the lyrics for the hook of ‘Golden Age’ written for a while before the instrumental came along," says lead singer Daniel Lonner. "I wanted to remind people that even though the internet is a wonderful world of its own, 2017 is the most opportune time to be alive and to live, you have to get out and do shit."

The band is comprised of Lonner and guitarist Eric Sherman, drummer Brett Daniel, and bassist Giovanni Stockton-Rossini. Their latest acoustic recording sees the group diluted to just Loner and Sherman as they tour New York City streets in the back of a convertible.

Lonner continues, “As for the making of the music video, we worked with our homie Patrick Golan to create the visual, which was shot on 16mm film. We wanted to capture the beauty of the places we hung out and grew up."

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