Lauran Hibberd Shows Off Her Black Sense of Humor in "Sugardaddy" Video (premiere)

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In the video for her new single, "Sugardaddy", Isle of Wight indie popper Lauran Hibberd searches for that special, elderly someone.

Hailing from the Isle of Wight, singer-songwriter Lauran Hibberd is steadily making a name for herself with her ability to write smart, fizzing indie pop songs infused with her wonderfully twisted, caustic wit. New single "Sugardaddy" shows off her deliciously black sense of humor as she laments the impossibility of finding someone willing to keep her in the style that she would very much like to be accustomed. No more crappy jobs, no more worrying about the bills for Hibberd. Not for her, no, as she dreams of meeting that special someone (who also qualifies for a free TV license), being written into their will and then patiently waiting for them to pop off during Homes Under the Hammer.

Naturally, the song keeps its tongue firmly in its cheek backed by a playfully spiky riff and a chorus that quickly sellotapes itself to your eardrums. However, there is also a slight undercurrent of melancholy to the song. As if this sarcastic fantasy provides some much-needed escapism from a situation where she sees little hope of actually ever becoming financially stable. The video perfectly fits the song as it depicts her long quest to find that special geriatric by holding a day of "sugar daddy" auditions. An idea she had always had with the song, as she explains.

"This was the most awkward thing to film, but these guys are sports! Sugar daddy audition style filming was always the angle I wanted to take with this. I wanted it to be like a warped episode of Strictly Come Dancing. I think we succeeded; it was shot by Skinny Mammoth Productions at St Georges Football Club on the Isle of Wight".

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