Le Boom Bring the Sunshine on "Be There For You" (premiere)

Photo: Peter Fleming

Le Boom's new single is an intoxicating electropop track that celebrates those moments where life just seemed like it just couldn't get any better.

Irish electropop duo Le Boom (Christy Leech and Aimie Mallon) are gearing up for the release of their debut EP, All My Highs with their new single "Be There For You". Renowned for bringing the energy to festivals and club shows around Europe, 2019 promises to be a massive year for the band.

On their new single, the pair fashion a buoyant yet artfully balanced electropop bed for the dreamy, carefree vocals to nestle in. Opening with slowly unwinding, silky smooth synths, the track soon locks into a blissed-out, tight groove as squelchy keys and a driving beat draws in the sunshine. The whole thing radiates with such inviting warmth that it could easily coax even the most reluctant gig goer onto the dancefloor.

"Be There For You" is an intoxicating electropop track that celebrates those moments where life seems like it couldn't get any better. Something that Leech was keen to capture, as she explains.

"We played at Primavera in Barcelona last year. After our show we caught the end of Peggy Gou's set on a small stage down near the beach, just as the sun was going down," says Leech, when discussing the track. "It was probably a mixture of my post-show adrenaline comedown and Peggy's class tunes, but I found myself having a moment of 'oh fuck, life is great' - when I got home I decided to write a tune with a vibe that would remind me of that night."

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