Ginette Leclerc as Denise Saillens in Le Corbau (1943)

‘Le Corbeau’ at the Film Forum (trailer) (premiere)

Why was Henri-Georges Clouzot's film noir Le Corbeau banned by the French film industry?

“You’ve got ink on your fingers” may be one of the most chilling lines in this German production by the Director of
Les Diaboliques (1955) and The Wages of Fear (1953). Terrifying rumors, vicious gossip, Nazi-like authorities, and mob mentality run rampant make Henri-Georges Clouzot’s work timeless in our era of bullying — by “townspeople” and politicians alike — on social media. Because it was produced by a German company during the French Occupation, Le Corbeau was considered Collaborationist by the French film industry.

Pierre Fresnay as Le docteur Rémy Germain (IMDB)

Clouzot’s film both resonates with the “wartime hypocrisy” it intended, and takes on new, urgent meaning about human nature in these trying times.

See the premiere of a new 4K restoration with an all-new translation of Le Corbeau at Film Forum NYC 20 April through 1 May.